Friday, February 19, 2016

The Heads Up Mic Clip

Good morning and happy Friday to all. What a beautiful morning here in the Fort Worth area, it is hard to believe that it is February and the high temp is supposed to be 79... Sweet, another shorts-day!!!

Much is happening across our great nation and I hope and pray that we can turn the political spectrum around by cleaning house and electing some leaders that actually love our country, respect The Constitution and will do what is right for "We The People"!!  There is so much wrong with what is happening now and it makes my heart ache. Enough of that talk...

Here at The Heads Up Mic Clip CP we are gearing up for some trade shows that we will be attending this spring. We plan to be at The Texas Police Chief Association's event in Austin in March and the ever-so awesome TTPOA Convention in San Marcos in April. If y'all happen to attend, be sure to stop by and say hello. The TTPOA puts on a great event that includes a huge trade show, sweet courses that involve lots of weapons training, mindset training and much more. They always have great speakers and truly honor those officers that we have lost along with honoring our profession. It's top notch and if you can go, get there.

Here is a tactical-tip for the patrol guys and gals. I think I learned it from Bullet Head, the guy who writes some pretty good stuff in one of the cop mags. So everytime I exit the patrol vehicle, I would ensure that I left the back doors unlocked. This is done because if you are having to deal with an unruly customer and you're trying to put them in the back of the unit,  you don't want to have to worry about fumbling around for your other set of keys to unlock the front door, to hit the button to unlock the back doors. Hopefully you unit has a cage, (state troopers say, "Cage...? We don't need no stinkin'  cage!!!), when I'm rolling up or typically have done so earlier, I'll hit the unlock button then reach over to the shotgun side and manually lock the front passenger door. That way when I bail out of the unit, I simply hit the manual lock on my door, that way the front of the unit, where all the cool stuff is, is now secure. This way when you and your buds are trying to install Mr. or Mrs. "I ain't going without a fight", into the back of the unit, y'all can just open the back door and SHAZAM... One installed knucklehead!! That's my Heads Up Mic Clip "Tip O' The Day"!!!

Y'all be safe out there and remember... We are the sheepdogs! 💨💨

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