Saturday, February 20, 2016

Heads Up Mic Clip Race Weekend

Good Saturday y'all!! We hope that everyone enjoys the weekend and the big race tomorrow.  Hopefully Dale Jr. will win!!  I'll tell ya what...  The race weekend coverage is amazing.  Having been a race fan all of my life and having raced motorcycles back in my younger days, seeing all of the new cool stuff and the visual images that the racing media brings us, is incredible!! The business sure has come a long way and so technical.  You still hear people say that NASCAR is boring since they only turn left, but the showmanship, the team work, strategies and the levels of camaraderie,, enthusiasm and personalities is awesome.  i can't wait until they come to Texas in April!!  It's gonna be so much fun!!

Well, as y'all watch the races please remember all of our incredible guys and gals in the service that can't be here because they are protecting our liberties.  Also remember the ones that we have lost over the years and for the coppers, fire-dudes & dudettes and EMS folks that keep us safe!!

Be safe, stay vigilant and keep your head on swivel!!

The Heads Up Mic Clip

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