Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Maintain Officer Safety

Good day to all!! I have adapted a new company slogan.  "Officer Safety Is Our Main Goal".  This is really what it boiled down to when I came up with the idea about the Heads Up Mic Clip.  I know that the majority of officers working the streets are very vigilant in demonstrating officer safety, from wearing their body armor, to positioning on traffic stops and being aware of their surroundings.  We work in a very different environment now and must be even more vigilant about what is going on around us.  It is very scary when you see the level of violence directed towards us and we must keep our heads on swivel.  One of the worst examples here recently, was the officer in, I think it was Philly, who was driving his marked unit through and intersection, and he was ambushed by an ISIS guy (though our Feds won't admit that). Then there was our Texas Brother Darren Goforth, who was fueling his patrol car when he was murdered. 

How many times throughout the day are we in a disadvantaged tactical position? Almost all times is the reality.  Pretty revealing...   As LEO's, we have all been taught to plan ahead.  A quick discussion with your partner or your group about what y'all are going to do if 'something goes down'; where y'all would rather sit in a restaurant so when Johnny Crackhead or ISIS comes-a-callin', y'all can minimize and neutralize. Be ready to act when the fecal matter hits the oscillator.  Have the right equipment that is ready to go, when and if you need it.  It's better to have it and not need it,rather than to need it and not have it!!  Our main goal every day is to make it home at the end of our shift.  Officer safety is the key, at every end of the spectrum.  Y'all be safe out there an God Bless!

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