Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Heads Up Combo Clip. Secure your mic and body worn camera. Don't compromise your safety by turning your head to speak into your mic! Solve the problem of your camera falling or breaking the attachment clip!! Available for agency and officer purchases. Go to 

We just returned from our first ever trade show which was at the Texas Police Chiefs Association Conference in Austin, Texas.  We killed it!  The every one who we talked to was really excited about The Heads Up Mic Clip, Camera Clips and the new Combo Clips.  From body worn camera companies, big corporate suppliers, big and small agencies and individual officers, they all were ready to order and stock.  We were amazed by the out pouring of support and the 'ata boys' for the invention and the compliments on our booth.  Ha ha, it was our first time, but they all thought it was cool.  Leading up to the show, I was pretty nervous, but once we started talking to folks and every one was so nice, it just started to roll like natural!!  The guys at Freeman were amazing and had everything ready to go, took care of the congestion at the loading dock and provided extra carts to haul stuff.  The other vendors were also awesome as well!!  I can't wait for the next one!!  Texas Tactical Police Officers Association Conference, here we come!!!

We will be adding a new option on the website!!  I'm thinking I might call it, "Buy A Mic Clip For A Cop"  campaign for the general public to purchase one of our devices for their friend or family member that might be the police to help keep them safe.  Stay tuned for the update!  Be safe y'all!!

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